Chairman's Message


Nearly 18 years ago, we all worked together to effectively lay the groundwork for H.R. Group, which has since developed into a powerful, creative, and successful corporate organization. We discovered that we had achieved success in every area of business that we had ventured into in the past. Since we started by offering top-notch service to all of our domestic and foreign clients, we have been able to retain the integrity and diversity of our business. We have 500 + clientele from Middle East, Europe, and India & has received 100% satisfaction rate from our happy customers.

We also have other affiliated companies such as HR Diagnostics, HR Software solutions, HR Tours & travels, Roha Healthcare, Talent House, WeDeliver companies that have achieved success in different domains. And now 18 years later, we are happy to announce the beginning of our new company WeCare in Dubai.

With a great vision & humble beginning, our company WeCare is in the forefront when it comes to delivering excellence.

As the chairman of the company, I take pride in representing the company WeCare as a facility management company that ensures service of handyman & cleaners to our clients and customers. The company has risen with the successful completion of various projects and our major commitment is to expand our business throughout the country with our expertise which includes handyman & cleaning services throughout UAE.

WeCare maintains highest standards of professionalism, ethics & trustworthiness when it comes to delivering the services to both our clients and customers. Our skilled and knowledgeable teams are dedicated to completing each job quickly and accurately. By giving them a clean, hygienic, safe, and secure service, we enable our clients to concentrate on their main businesses while we take care of their needs.

The continuous success of WeCare is reliant on the confidence of our clients, and we are committed to maintaining that trust by proffering them excellent service.

I would also like to express my gratitude to our clients and customers for their ongoing support. Their trust and devotion will give us the motivation to work more efficiently and also help them achieve what they seek with our trustworthy & exceptional service.

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